Swarthmore College Bowl's QOTC XI

Here is the tournament announcement:

The Swarthmore College Bowl Team is glad to formally announce our annual spring invitational, QOTC XI Version 2.0, which will be held on Saturday, February 22, 2003 at Swarthmore College (Kohlberg Hall) in Swarthmore, PA. The format will be mod. ACF; packet submission; all A teams are required to submit a packet, and B teams are encouraged to do so as well. The field will be capped at 22 teams; we reserve the right to postpone the tournament if less than 6 teams have registered by February 5th 2003. Email Chris White at cwhite2@swarthmore.edu to register.

Anyone currently enrolled a *bona fide* degree-granting program is eligible to participate in QOTC. Bastard teams may play, but are not eligible for the championship. Masters teams will most likely be prohibited.

The base fee for a school's first team is $100; this includes breakfast and pizza for lunch. B teams are $80, and C, D, etc. teams are $70. The mimimum fee for any team is $50. Discounts/penalties are as follows:

  • - $10 per team for registering before Tuesday December 17 2002.
  • - $5 per team for registering before Tuesday January 14 2003. (We are strongly encouraging early registration, if it is possible.)
  • - $10 for each 200 miles of travel (by Mapquest, rounded down)
  • - $10 for an experienced moderator
  • - $10 for a *working* buzzer
  • + $10 for an extra pizza (remember, each team already gets one)
  • + $35 for no-shows (except in case of emergencies)

Packet deadlines are as follows:

  • - $25 if submitted by noon, Tuesday December 17 2002
  • - $0 if submitted by noon, Wednesday January 22 2003
  • + $10 if submitted by noon, Wednesday January 29 2003
  • + $20 if submitted by noon, Wednesday February 5 2003
  • +$25 if submitted by noon, Wednesday February 12 2003
  • +$2 per day after that until Monday February 17 2003, for a penalty of $35.

A team packets will not be accepted afterwards (except by special dispensation). If B teams do not submit a packet at all, they will have a $40 penalty (this may be lowered on an individual basis if I am notified well in advance). C, D, etc. teams are not expected to submit. If they do (and the questions are usable), they automatically drop to the minimum fee.

Packet distribution should be approximately as follows; the amount of tossups and boni in specific areas should be equal. The questions should be ACF-style, *very slightly* below ACF Regionals difficulty. Basic guidelines can be found here.

  • Literature- 4 to 6
  • Science- 4 to 6
  • History- 4 to 5
  • Religion, Philosophy, Mythology- 2 to 4
  • Fine Arts- 2 to 4
  • Social Sciences- 1 to 3
  • Trash/ General Knowledge/Sports- 1 to 3
  • Current Events- 0 to 2
  • Geography- 0 to 2

Total: 25 Tossups, 25 Boni; email them to cwhite2@swarthmore.edu.

A few important notes on the packets:

  • Distributions are lenient in order to encourage interdisciplinary questions and to allow flexibility for experienced writers. Tend towards the middle of the distributions, and be sure to include variety within categories.
  • Boni format distributions: No all-or-nothing boni, list boni are discouraged. Please inlude 2 to 6 30-20-10 (or 30-20-10-5) boni, and no more than half should be 10-10-10. Variety is encouraged.
  • Format: Keep categories separated; boni prompts should be marked off simply by a carriage return and the number of points the prompt is worth in square brackets; answers should be marked off by a carriage return, "ANSWER:", and a space. Boldface all essential parts.
  • File Formats: HTML is preferred; RTF, plain text, and MS Word attachments will also be accepted (in decreasing order of desirability).
  • IMPORTANT: Please *do not* send me any packets between December 18 and January 14. I will have only sporadic online access during that time, and I don't want my email to exceed its megabyte limit. If you do send a packet to me then, I will have to delete it and ask for it again when I have regular access. Feel free to send me questions, registrations, etc. during that time, though.
  • If you are intersted in freelancing a packet, you may recieve your choice of the packet set for this tounament, or SNEWT VI or VII. If you freelance a packet by December 17, you recieve your choice of two sets.
  • If you are interested in conducting a packet swap for the tournament, please let me know by December 17.

I look forward to seeing many of you in February!

Chris White
President, Swarthmore College Bowl

Maintained by Adrian Packel. For more information, contact Chris White.