Swarthmore College Bowl Introduction

12/3/02: QOTC-XI announcement posted!

11/25/02: SNEWT-VII stats posted!

Greetings, and welcome to the Swarthmore College Bowl team's website!If you're looking for information on football or bowling, you've come tothe wrong place; if you're interested in intercollegiate academiccompetition, then you're in luck. We now have the NAQT Mid-Atlantic Sectionals results posted and QOTC XI information available.

Just what does the team do, you ask? The Swarthmore CB teamrepresents the school at competitions all along the East Coast, travelingto schools as nearby as Penn, or as far away as the Univ. of Michigan tocompete in academic buzzer competitions similar to "It's Academic," "HighQ," "High School Bowl," or "Jeopardy!," but with harder questions andbetter players. In particular, we compete on the invitational circuit, andat NAQT and ACF sectionals and nationals. The team also hosts SNEWT, afall tournament for freshmen and sophomores, and QOTC, our traditionalspring invitational, and runs an annual intramural tournament for theSwarthmore community.

In recent years, the Swarthmore team has established itself as astrong presence on the intercollegiate circuit. In the fall of 1997, wewon Princeton's annual tournament; in the fall of 1998, we won MIT'stournament, the third-largest event of that year; in early 1999, we wentundefeated in our bracket at Penn's 58-team tournament, and we advaced tothe semifinals there in early 2000; also in Spring 2000, we finished firstand second at Yale's tournament. Our two biggest successes have come atthe NAQT Intercollegiate Championships: in 1998 we won the first-everundergraduate national title, and in 1999 we placed second. We hope tobuild on our past successes (and even regain our championship title) inthe years ahead.

So, if your idea of fun is to race to answer the most questions aboutGenghis Khan or quantum physics, then college bowl is the activity foryou. We have no try-outs, make no cuts, and give everyone a chance to takepart. Whether you're a hard-core buzzer addict, or someone who has noprevious experience, we'd love it if you'd drop by practice and giveacademic competition a try. Practice is held once a week, and new membersare always welcome.

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