goodfood : appropriate term for any meal prepared for/with/by hungry friends. how good the food tastes is directly related to how hungry they are, or how many cloves of garlic there are in it. on the list of things that qualify as hedonistic, gorging yourself on good food is the most satisfying thing you can do with your clothes on.

breakfast wu breakfast

buttermilk pancakes
cottage cheese pancakes
swedish pancakes
tiny hots
sandy's bustin' crepes

not breakfast
cuban black beans
risotto with porchinis and sun-dried tomatoes
iraqi rice
venison stew
corn chowder
perfect mashed potatoes
lodge-style hot dogs
vegetable soup
avocado and black bean quesadillas
2am chicken marsala
tamale pie
veggie casserole
white beans in olive oil
grilled asparagus
butternut squash
string beans a la kirin
me stew
death by flan
candied violets

chuck's got a whole heap o' good ones too.
i can prove it's nutritionally viable to eat vegitarians like him...

"can't talk... eating"

to drink...
recipe for dandelion wine

mixed drinks

mmm... wine...


my favorite sausage: weiswurst (sp?) - german white pork sausage