venison stew
hearty real meat

3 packages of venison stew meat (~2 lbs each?)
flour for dredging
olive oil
red wine to cover (a bottle's worth)
<6) potatoes
(12) carrots
1 large onion
1c water
two beef bullion cubes
put flour in a brown paper bag and shakes the venison around in it till covered, then brown/sear it in olive oil (this requires a hot pan and serves to lock in the juices - it is not meant to fully cook the meat). in another pan, suaté the onion chopped into larger-than-average peices. make a bullion with the water and cubes, and chop up as much garlic as you like (i used ~8 cloves) in large pieces. put everything together in a pot except the potatoes and carrots and bring to a boil, then simmer for about 2-3 hours. add the potatoes (heartily sliced, but not too huge) after about an hour, and the carrots half an hour after that (amounts of each depend on what proportions you want in the stew). total cook time depends on the simmer temperature and when the veggies are tender enough. if necessary add a handful of flour (or some rue) at the end to thicken the juices. it should not simmer indefinitely, but will keep for several days. serves about 6, preferably in the winter.

i first cooked this in honor of wayne winning a bet (that he couldn't be vegetarian for a week) and in celebration of meat. i like meat. it tastes good. the great thing about this recipe is that all the liquid is wine, which serves to bring out the flavors of the venison. so you can have even more wine along with it, and i recommend getting some good hearty bread for ripping. the venison that i used was from my property, so i'm not actually sure where it is available.