cottage cheese pancakes
my favorite

- 4 eggs, seperated
- 1 cup cottage cheese
- 1 tsp salt
- 4 tbsp flour
mix together the egg yolks and everything else - if it seems a little wet (it should have the consistancy of oatmeal, kinda) then add a bit more flour. in a seperate bowl beat the egg whites until they're stiff enough to hold peaks (pull out the eggbeater and if they stand up, you're done - don't over beat. i like to use a rotary hand beater for this). when the pan is heated up, fold the whites into the rest of the batter... this is the gentle part, cuz ya don't want to kill the fluff of the whites. it's best to have two pans going, because the pancakes are best served right off the grittle, and they'll get all flat if they wait too long, so eat 'em up. cook get the last plate. makes enough for 4-5 (about one egg per person, so it's easy to scale up and down).

whenever my mom would ask me what i wanted for breakfast before going off to school, i'd ask her to make these. apparently the recipe comes from her old czechoslovakian nanny, a stern but loving woman who resembled a square. i memorized the recipe and made it as a thankyou for people that i stayed with out west during my roadtrip the summer of 1997.