Amici e vino devono essere vecchi.
Friendship and wine get better with age.

when i was born my grandfather bought a case of 1978 chateau mouton rothschield, to eventually be shared on my 21st birthday.

i came into this world with wine, and with wine i shall live forever.

it is not neccessarily the wine itself that will keep me alive, but rather the philosophy of wine, which is a simple and healthy one.

greg once paraphrased it - "taking time to stop and drink".

the philosophy of wine is to enjoy every sip of life, to do whatever it is that will instill in you a bit of drunkenness, to allow yourself to sit and look at the world with no worries and a certain relaxation and fluidity that is in the swirling of the glass. then you will be able to see the dancing lights of beauty it contains.

who can drink good wine and not attain a state of simple apprecation, with a half-closed eyelid kind of contented face, and a small sigh.

it's been around since the beginning of time, and it has seen more than we ever will.

i personally like to drink my wine with food, but i have been known to drink a half bottle when on the right beach.

- good cheap wine list -
chile: cousino macul, los vascos
california: haywood cabernet sauvignon 1994,
beringer sauvignon blanc, most 1995 merlots
australia: black opal shiraz