barn risotto

1 cup aborio rice
3-6 cups of chicken broth (can be vegetable broth)
one bunch green onions (scallions)
one red pepper
porchini mushrooms
sun-dried tomatos
parmaseano regiono
a bit of cream
white wine
ok, here we go... boil up about 5 cups of water. when this is ready put a cup in two bowls in order to soften the mushrooms and tomatoes (this is assuming they are dried), and let sit for about ten minutes. with the other 3 cups, make up the broth (this is assuming you got the dried kind). put the rice into a wok or risotto pan (even heat is key) and coat it in a bit of olive oil. sautee the scallions and add them to the rice.

turn on a low flame, and add about a half cup of the broth. over the next 17 or so minutes, you will add a half cup of broth every few minutes (when the previous dose has been soaked up). if the rice is still firm after that, make more and keep adding it slowly. during this time, slice and sautee the mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, and the red pepper. about half way thru the cooking process add some white wine (1/2 - 1 cup) to the rice (repeat as much as you want... risotto takes in the flavor really well). when things are almost ready, add the suatteed stuff to the rice, as well as some cream and some parmasean cheese.

good served with veal sausage and beer-batter deep-fried zucchini, plus either red chianti or white wine. even better in a well-decorated off-campus apartment.