wayne's ten-minute 2:00am chicken marsala
what's left in the kitchen...

4 chicken cutlets
1 onion
1 c marsala wine
1/2 stick butter
start heating a frying pan, then add the chicken and the marsala. cover with a lid, and go cut up the onion, all of it. add onion and half of butter, replace lid. after a minute, drain off most of marsala, add other half of butter and some pepper, sautee everything till it's done.

this is what happens when you're hungry, and wayne's stolen chicken from the cafe he works at, after playing the blues for three hours and drinking jug wine.

[wayne edits:] Ok, that's what Fanjul's trying to tell you about my fucking chicken. Here's how it's really done. Get really fucking drunk first. I mean tanked. I mean falling down don't know where the hell you are you're going to really fucking regret this in the morning type drunk. Good. Now steal some chicken. Throw it and everything you can reach into a skillet. If everything you can reach is limited to marsala, onion, butter, pepper and salt, then you're fine. If not, you're fucked. I mean fucked.

Oh, and balsamic vinegar. Throw some balsamafucking vinegar on that shit.