I don't want a boring life.

When I think about my future, I imagine doing a slew of exciting activities. I love risks and appreciate the richness of life. While there are many memorable things I'm proud to have already accomplished, there are also a number of things that I still want to do. Here is my ever-expanding list.

The experiences I want to have sometime in my life:

  1. cut my hair really short
  2. meet David Byrne
  3. drive a motorcycle
  4. boogie board
  5. fall in love
  6. have someone fall in love with me
  7. bake a cake
  8. have a lucid dream
  9. hang-glide
  10. genuinely not care what others think of me
  11. learn how to surf
  12. ride an ostrich
  13. watch someone go through labor/birth
  14. see "Casablanca" (the movie)
  15. have a body-painting party with some open-minded people
  16. swim in the Mediterranean Sea
  17. see a solar and/or lunar eclipse
  18. see Tori Amos in concert
  19. plant, maintain and harvest a garden
  20. see a pro basketball game
  21. windsurf
  22. do a handstand
  23. become a mentor for someone else
  24. take a science lab class
  25. scuba dive
  26. go to New Orleans for a jazz festival
  27. speak another language fluently
  28. graduate college
  29. tell a stranger when I think they're attractive
  30. drive across the country
  31. visit Lana at The Gate
  32. skateboard
  33. eat delicious food in Italy
  34. have full awareness of my addictions
  35. gamble
  36. naturally wake up (well-rested) before 9am
  37. get acupuncture
  38. lead a dance class
  39. travel with Phoebe to another country again
  40. put together an organized photo album of my photos from Cuba
  41. give up small talk
  42. feel totally happy and comfortable with my body
  43. throw a grandiose dinner party
  44. run in a race
  45. eat a meal in John's renovated kitchen (in the 3rd Street house)
  46. sort through and deal with my past
  47. finish writing a paper before the day it is due
  48. see Nino graduate from high school
  49. learn how to use a darkroom to develop my own photographs
  50. earn a one-year chip
  51. support myself financially
  52. milk a cow
  53. find my soulmate
  54. read Dreaming in Cuban, by Cristina Garcia
  55. take an African dance class
  56. talk to Susie Bright
  57. live to see a cure developed for AIDS

This list will always be growing, so check it out again soon. Do you have your own similar list? Do you have some great ideas of things I can add to my list? Let me know.

I will also be checking things off my list as I go out and do them. I'll be sure to tell you all about it on my list of new experiences.

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