In some ways, David Byrne has been a hero of mine for as long as I can remember. When I was in Middle school, my older friend, Megan, who lived next door to my dad's house, introduced me to the music of the Talking Heads. I loved them immediately, and since then I've kind of kept track of David Byrne's activities. He recently published a really interesting art book filled with his photos, commentaries and other pieces of art. What attracts me to David and his work is his unique perspective on normal, everyday things. He has the ability to make me see our culture from a different slant sometimes. If you want to know more about David Byrne check out a cool homepage I found. Meanwhile, here's his bio:

Born 1952, Dumbarton, Scotland
Attended Rhode Island School of Design and
Maryland Institute College of Art
Lives and works in New York City

David Byrne is best known for his work with Talking Heads, the band he co-founded in 1975, and with whom he has recorded 10 albums. As the group's songwriter, he challenged traditional notions of pop song structure and ltrical content, creating new definitions of rock. As the lead singer, he created an unique performing style from influences as diverse as performance art, evangelistic preaching and Kabuki theater. A Talking Heads anthology, 'Popular Favorites: Sand In the Vaseline', was released in the fall of 1992.

Since 1988, Byrne has been involved with the record label Luaka Bop. With an emphasis on popular music from around the world, Luaka Bop has put out critically acclaimed collections, including the Cuba Classics and Brazil Classics series. Luaka Bop's popular 'Cuba Classics 1: Silvio Rodriguez' marked an important event in U.S./Cuban cultural exchange, as the first Cuban album released in the U.S. since the 1961 economic blockade against Cuba. Luaka Bop's most recent release was 'Zap Mama: Adventures in Afropea 1' and upcoming projects include releases from Djur Djura, Geggy Tah and Shoukichi Kina.

In March 1992, Luaka Bop/Warner Brothers, released Byrne's 'Uh-Oh', an album of original songs that combine a latin beat, a funk rhythm, a roch edge and big band horns. Byrne collaborated with visual/recording artist Terry Allen and the eccentric Tom Ze. An extensive tour took place from April-October 1992 with stops in major cities throughout Western end Eastern Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and North America. Amongst the band mambers were legendary Meters' bassist George Porter jr. and the dynamic trumpeter, arranger and songwriter Angel Fernandez. 'Between the teeth', an exceptional and lively concert film, directed by Byrne and David Wild, was filmed at the end of the tour and was played at theatres and festivals worldwide.

In the summer of 1989, Byrne's film 'Ila Aiye'(The house of life), a documentary about the Candomble Nago religion of Brazil, debuted as the opening program of the PBS television series 'Alive From Off Center'. The film, which explores the Yoruban dance/music rituals of Brazilians whose ancestors were brought to South America as slaves, was also shown as part of the international art exhibition 'Magiciens de la Terre', at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris and was shown at festivals and museums throughout the world.

Byrne is also recognized as an accomplished photographer. With work published in major magazines, including special projects for Intervies, Artforum and Parkett, his work has gained notoriety and respect throughout the world. His photographs have been exhibited in group shown worldwide and in 1994, Byrne has three solo shows; One at the Galerie Transit in Leuven, belgium, one at Stelling Gallerie in Leiden, the Netherlands and one at the Burdon Gallery in New York City. Leading photography journal Aperture, featured his work in one of their issues, called 'Our Town'.

Byrne's latest project was a self-titled album, followed by the 'Constant Motion World Tour' which started in Amsterdam in May 1995.

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