Dreams: August 26

shopping & eating in Italy

I'm shopping in a nice clothing store with Mom. There are lots of great shoes and clothes here, and it feels like we're in a foreign country. There's a table in the middle of the room. I sit down at it with Mom. Suddenly all these handsome waiters bring food to the table: a plate of fragrant, garlicy, buttery somethings (like cheesy bread but much more gourmet). There are platters of food, and the waiters just keep coming back with more.
"See! Didn't I tell you that the waiters won't stop bringing you delicious food when you're in Italy?!" Mom says to me. Then we get up to do some more shopping. I see a rack of nice looking jackets. There's a rich brown leather one with a cream-colored soft fleece lining and collar. Mom suggests I try it on. I do, and it looks great in the big mirror on the wall. Yet it feels a little tight. I look at the price, and it's on sale for cheap. Mom urges me to get it.


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