Dreams: August 27

"I just called to say I love you"

I'm at school, in a warmly-lit big room with hardwood floors. There's a long table at which everyone is working. We're in class. The assignment is to write down lyrics of Stevie Wonder songs from memory. There's a list of songs we have to do, but not by title because we have to know those from memory too. The whole thing is kind of a test. I have paper and colored pencils in front of me, and I'm having a lot of trouble remembering the lyrics. It's very frusterating. I'm slowly working on "I just called to say I love you". Line by painful line I'm pulling it out of my memory, singing to myself.
There's a couple next to me who are working on it together, cheating. They make me mad. The guy then looks over at mine and copies it. This sets me off, and I jump up and push him. We get in a brawl, hitting, pulling and punching each other. He pulls out a heavy brass gun, and I then pull out a knife (they both look like weapons from a board game of Clue Master Detective).
I'm then on the other side of the room next to a computer. I see that the songs are on the computer in perfect form -- documents of the lyrics. I decide to cheat and print some out. I know I can't turn them in that way, but I'll rewrite it by hand to make it look legit. The computer takes a long time to pull one up when I double click on its icon. I notice I don't have any paper, but I see a pile of old watercolor paintings I did a long time ago sitting next to me. I stick one of those in the printer. Finally the lyrics are printed out. I look over and see that the annoying guy (the fighter) has printed a whole stack of songs and is going to try to turn it in that way.
Bow S. comes by. He's the guy in charge, the teacher, but he seems pretty relaxed. Now we're all trying to do Fleetwood Mac lyrics, which is almost impossible for me. So someone mentions that each person only has to turn it one song. Each song is now in the form of tee-shirts, brightly colored. Everyone chips one in, stacking them in a pile in the middle of the room. We're giving them all to some guy, sort of as a present. Danielle Oaks is there, and when she gets up to contribute her song, everyone starts laughing. She's laughing too. It's because she's giving a slinky grey tank dress instead of a T-shirt. This is hilarious.
Now people are leaving. I see CDs all over the place (the shirts became CDs?). They're just leaving them behind. I start grabbing them in handfuls because I see many I like, movie soundtracks especially. One is called "Stargazing" and is in two volumes.
Then, as I lean down to pick one up off the floor, Rosie O'Donnell walks up to me (she has some Emily Westerman in her too). She grabs it out of my hand because she wants the CD. We walk out together, going down some stairs outside. I put my arm around her, squeezing her shoulder and say "You're really funny and so is the CD, so I'll let you have it."


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