Dreams: September 4

monogrammed pancakes

I'm making pancakes when I have an idea. I want to imprint/monogram the names of all of Mom's ex-boyfriends around the edge of the round pancakes. Then I'd want to eat the pancakes.

cutting denim

NEXT, I'm talking to K.P.. I'm standing, and she's sitting on a table in front of me. She asks me to help her cut off the extra flap on her jean shorts. She hands me a pair of scissors, and I cut off pieces of an extra layer of denim coming down from the waist in points. I cut off one point in front and one in back. It reveals aqua-colored bleached triangles underneath. She's not wearing a shirt (only a bra or bikini top) and has a chubby back, a roll of fat squishing over the waist of her shorts. We're talking about drinking.


NEXT, I'm in a swimming pool with a Ray Porter. We're both young actors. The water comes up to our mid-torsos, and we're standing facing each other. He's pudgy with very white skin. We touch each other, exploring each others' bodies with our hands, both above & below the water. It all feels very comfortable.


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