Dreams: August 25

12 hours of sleep

I'm just waking up. Mom urges me to get up because she wants to go out to breakfast. At first I'm hesitant and just want to roll back over. Then I look at the clock: 12 o'clock. I think about how I went to bed at midnight -- that's a full 12 hours of sleep I realize! I look at the clock again and see that it's actually 11 o'clock. But then I realize that I actually went to bed at 11:00pm the night before, so it's still twelve hours of sleep. I decide to get up and have breakfast with Mom.

airbrushed breasts

NEXT, I'm looking at the new edition of The Rolling Stone. It has a photo of the Fugees on the front. As I open up the magazine and look through it, I realize that there are many photos of half-naked women. One whole page is just a close-up picture of a woman's breasts. I hold it up, and when the light shines through the page, I can see that it's airbrushed. There are darker rings around her nipples and dark brown concentric circles farther out -- all computer airbrushed. It kind of makes me sick. Then I turn the page and see a black and white photo of a woman high up on a concrete wall. She's somehow pressed up against it, perched up high. She's naked from the waist up and has very large breasts that are shiny grey (because of the b&w coloring of the photo). Her arms are wrapped around herself protectively, but it pushes her breasts together dramatically. This photo also looks airbrushed since the shadows of her cleavage seem unusually dark. These pictures make me mad because they are objectifying women. Yet they also make me hot, sexually stimulated (which is frusterating).

matchmaking footsies

NEXT, I'm walking with a friend near the Fourth Street Garden Gallery, and we're talking. Then I'm with a male friend inside a room somewhere, and I jump on his back for some reason. Then I'm at a table with Faith W. and some guy. The three of us are talking. I know that they both kind of like each other, but it isn't yet at the stage when they can acknowledge it. I feel like a matchmaker and I want to get things rolling between them, so I play footsies under the table with the guy, making it seem like Faith is doing it. They look at each other in a funny way.


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