Dreams: August 22

the plunge

I'm on a raft going out to sea. There are other people and rafts around me. Then I'm up in an airplane, looking at another plane flying next to us. I see a woman standing in the doorway of the other plane, and she's about to jump out of it.

Jewish research paper

NEXT, I'm sitting around a table with 5 or 6 other people. We each have papers in front of us. I'm talking, describing my research paper. It's about Judaism and Jews. A man (my prof?) asks what my thesis is. I tell him I haven't quite written one yet and I still need to work on it. Phoebe is on my right. She asks me if I'm Jewish, assuming I am ("You're Jewish, right?"). I say no, but she looks confused. I tell her it is a religion and I am NOT Jewish.

cleaning up

NEXT, I'm in my room. Stuff is sprawled out all over the place -- it's a mess. I decide I want to clean it up, so begin to fold up clothes and organize my dresser drawers. I find a pair of jeans that are dyed red on one side. I figure I'm keeping them for the fabric, not to actually wear. I set them aside.


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