Dreams: August 21

prepping for a journey

I'm in a supermarket/convenience store at the cash register. I'm with two young men who have a ton of stuff on the moving conveyer belt checkout counter. They must get unlimited credit here or something, for they've picked out everything, like a shopping spree. They're getting supplies for a journey they're taking. I see some professional-looking equipment (black chain/bar/belt) for rock climbing. I hear the men discussing whether or not they should get the equipment; they are debating doing the rock-climbing part of their trek. I urge them (us?) to do it, so they end up buying the equipment.

boxes of peaches

NEXT, I'm at John's house with a small group of people. We're all moving boxes & boxes of peaches out of my bedroom. I'm getting ready for all the visitors who are going to be coming to stay with us. The boxes are heavy, but we must move them out of my room. I decide that Aunt Linda will get to stay in my room. It now looks clean, and I've made up the bed (now queen-sized) which has a nice maroon comforter on it.

looking for Justin

NEXT, I'm alongside a long flood of people. It's a caravan going along the road. I ask someone if they've seen Justin Hall, but they haven't. I'm waiting for him to arrive in Ashland to visit me. He must be further back in the caravan. I think of his unusual hairdo and wonder how he'll fit into Ashland. (I conclude that he'll fit in very well.)

"oyvey" at the potluck

NEXT, I'm in someone's house for a party (taking care of a baby?). The place has white wall-to-wall carpeting. I'm in line for the food, a smorgasboard potluck. I'm next to Noli, and I say "oyvey" really loud. She looks concerned and asks if I'm okay. "Yes," I laugh. It just sounded heavy since I was exhaling, but really I'm okay. I say it again lightly, with a smile: "oyvey!". Then, as we stand in line for the food, we dance a little swing dance. When we get to the food I see nice plates with slices of cheese on them.


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