Dreams: August 19

fame on a rooftop

There's some blond French guy at the top of a skyscraper, on the roof. He's very famous, so there's a massive crowd on the ground around the building.

Kimberly's bunk beds & Troy's story

NEXT, I'm with some people and we're going to Kimberly P.'s house. We are going to spend the night there, and she's telling me that her room has a bunch of bunk beds that we're all going to have to squeeze into. I see some mattresses on the floor of the room we're in now. Some are pads from John's house, so I offer to bring a couple. Kim says yes, since it would help, so I roll up two foam mattresses.
We go to her place and walk into a big bedroom. It's nighttime, and a few lights are on, making it a warm atmosphere. Three bunk beds line the left wall, and there are a couple more on the other wall. I see a girl already asleep on the middle top bunk. Kim's parents are going to bed, climbing into the bunks. Kim shares the place with her parents, so they share this bedroom. Her dad is in bed, in the top far bunk, and he's holding a baby.
A group of us are sitting on the floor talking. Kim's sister, who I've never seen before, is on my left. She's telling some story. She has mousy-brown curly hair and a chubby, plain face. She doesn't look anything like Kimberly. Troy is next to me, on my right. His legs are out in front of him, and he has a wire/curved bar across them. It's helping him to illustrate a story he's telling because he's laying out a map of the town/neighborhood where he was. He's also using sticks and string to show the streets. He says he was with a "really fine girl" at night, walking through a neighborhood. He points out that they were near a river (the curved bar). He says they were walking along, and the girl was wearing many layers of clothing, lots of sweaters. Troy kept giving her more clothes, taking them off his own back. He tells the ending punchline/climax of the story, but I don't quite understand it. It doesn't seem very interesting or relevant. Very anticlimactic.
Then the group is looking through a pile of Troy's stuff. He's gone. Apparently he's a criminal on the run or something. He has two fake cards of some sort. They each have two times printed on both sides. Kim's dad points out that they're different, probably to avoid getting caught if the cops stop him twice. I see one card has 5 o'clock and the other has 6:02 & 6:26. I'm looking through the pile of stuff and see that Troy has a pile of cassette tapes.

I'm homeless looking through jade

NEXT, I'm walking along a sidewalk at night. There are stores on my right, and I want to go in but I'm dirt poor with no money. I'm homeless. I have a backpack on my back, but it's only filled with little plastic baggies filled with cookies. I walk by a place that has its goods laid out in bins on the sidewalk. It has jewelry, with stones and pendants. I see a tin of beautiful stone pendants, shaped like pointy crystals. Half of them are light sea-green and white. There's a sign that says they're called "methanine" (or something similar). The other half are deep-green jade. A woman owns the place. Noli is now with me and is talking to the woman, doing negotiations. I realize that this is a perfect chance for me since her attention is diverted, so I grab a handful of the "meth" pendants and stick them in my pocket. Now I'm looking for string or a chain so I can wear one. I change my mind and decide not to shoplift. Instead I'll pick one out and try to negotiate a barter. This time I want jade. I carefully go through the bin of jade and try to find the right special one. I'm having trouble choosing. At first I look at the big ones, but then the small are more appealing. Meanwhile, Miles is on my left, helping me to decide. I'm borrowing something from him ($?) to help pay for it. He points out a totally different pendant. It's big, soft and red, like an exotic orchid. It's on a red string, and Miles tells me that it's in the style of the ancient Elizabethan queen. He shows me that I'm supposed to wear it so that it hangs down near my belly-button. At first I like the idea, but when I look in the mirror (suddenly in front of me), it looks gaudy. So I continue to look through the jade. Now the pendants are attached to my hair. I'm pulling them forward trying to find the right one. I see my face in the mirror and I look unkempt and zitty. I want to wash my face. I can't find the jade anymore. They're no longer in my hair.


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