Dreams: June 25

Miles is getting married. Mimi and Scott are there at the spontaneous, informal ceremony. I'm disappointed because I realize I've always wanted to marry him myself. I think about how he'll now have to get a divorce before I can marry him. He and I hug, which is a nice reminder of our friendship at least.

NEXT, It's time to go back to school, but for some reason I have to go back to the Middle School, which feels weird. As I walk down the bus ramp outside, everyone looks so young, and there are many adults around, enforcing the rules. I go inside the crowded hallway and see Django and Shana. We gather to talk, and I have a sort of deja vu where I realize I had a dream [only in my dream] the night before that I'd see the two of them here. Django is saying that he has some appliances and gadgets he wants to bring in to help prepare his brown-bagged lunch. He has 8 items (toaster, microwave, etc.) but is wondering if there's enough electrical outlets in the lunchroom.

NEXT, I'm in a room that has tons of sampler/testers of nice lotions, moisturizers, lip balms, etc. I see my face in a mirror and it looks really dry, so I put some lotion on it.

NEXT, I'm sitting in a movie theater getting into a political debate with some people around me. Something to do with being an African-American in the U.S..

NEXT, Someone's telling me about how a young teen girl is a drug user and may be HIV+ because she never protects herself. Somehow I can see an image of her shooting up. There's a clear plastic bag attached to her arm, and as she shoots up, her blood flows from the needle into the bag. The plastic bag is now poofing out like a bright red bouncing ball.
Now I'm walking in the forest, and there's a red bouncy ball at my feet. I'm worried because it may be the girl's, contaminated with her blood. I kick it as hard as I can, sending it through the trees. I hope nobody will find it. I see a familiar-looking loft/tree house wooden structure ahead, and as I approach it, a young teen boy comes up to me. (He has composite characteristics of Bo Jeska and Ashley/Charley W.) We know each other. He and I wrap our arms around each other like good friends, pressing our bodies together as we walk toward the loft.
I have a friend up in the loft who sticks her head out and tells me that Jenn G. is on the phone for me. I'm surprised. My friend hands me down the phone, which looks like my open black purse/wallet. I accidentally hang up on her, but I don't understand this phone or know how to turn it back on. I ask how to use it, but my friend can't explain it. I realize that her name is also Jen. I ask her to look up Jenn G.'s phone number. I tell her it's on a list that's posted above the sink in the corner of the loft. Meanwhile, my young boy friend has gone to get something. I see him walking back along a road next to the woods. He is with 2 girls.


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