Dreams: August 23

Sierra's party

I'm walking along a sidewalk with Phoebe. (We are on Siskiyou Blv. above Safeway, on the corner with the bus stop, walking toward downtown in Ashland.) We're walking to Sierra Woods' birthday party. Phoebe and I are trying to decide how much money to give Sierra since we don't have a present for her. We decide on $160 total (or something similar).
We get to the house and walk into the front room. It's a living room, and some people are here, although it doesn't really look like a party. I see Albiona W., tall with blond hair that's pulled back. She's wearing plenty of makeup (esp. around her eyes). We see each other and hug a big, long hug.
I sit down on a couch and wonder to myself if Phoebe and I really need to give Sierra that much money. I figure we could cut it down a lot, and it would still be a nice gift. I remember that I also owe her money for a cassette tape. I ask someone where Sierra is, and they tell me that she's out somewhere. I decide to go find her.

on stage with my senior project presentation

NEXT, I'm in a small classroom. It's filled with people, mainly students my age. They're all facing the front of the classroom in their desks and chairs. I'm standing at the front of the room with a young man (my age) whom I apparently know. He's good looking, tall with a deep-green sweater and dark brown hair. People are still talking, so I talk to the guy. I remember that it's his birthday, so I wish him a happy b-day. He says thanks. I turn to the front and realize that he and I are partners in our senior project, and this is our judged presentation.
Everyone quiets down and has their attention focused on us. I close the door. I'm trying desperately to remember what the project is. Then I see a big table in front of us, in the middle of the room. It has a complicated contraption set up on it, like a Rube Goldberg. My partner begins explaining the project to the audience. Then he sets it off, firing a powerful squirt gun onto some device on the table. The intense spray of water soaks a lot of people, but they're all laughing. It sets off our series of steps on the table. The water fills up a pen that makes a floatation device plop into another bowl that fires off something else, etc. It goes through a bunch of steps that my partner explains. Then it gets to a place on the far right of the table that I'm now supposed to explain. I'm totally guessing as I talk, pointing out the devices in front of me. There's a big boot-shaped bagel that swings back and kicks another piece. I'm unsure as I explain it, but everyone looks interested (and the guy behind me doesn't say anything in protest). Melina is on the other side of the table in front of me. She gets me started on the next piece, pointing out a tiny green thing attached to a lever. She says, "then this little character does something interesting!". I look closer and see that it's a tiny ceramic/plastic piece that looks just like a toad. I take over, saying that it catches a hook above it and sends another boot-like device swinging, which then hits something else at the end. I see that it's the last piece on the table. It didn't really accomplish anything. I look at my partner with wide eyes. He tells everyone that we haven't yet decided what to put at the end. I can tell that this causes some controversy -- our project might not get accepted!
There's an older man on my right, with white hair and a white beard. Apparently he's the judge or something. He decides to show a similar project from last year to help decide if ours should pass. Suddenly there's a huge graphic presentation on the wall in back of us, in front of the room. I sit down on the side to see it. It's a professional looking graphic presentation with huge photos and maps. I see a picture of a tractor on a farm with a farmer on it, a warm sunset behind him. There's also several colorful maps, one of the world. The judge announces that this was done last year by Lucas. I realize he's wrong and whisper in his ear that I know who did it: "Troy Henri". The man then asks the room how many people would vote to accept this example project. Many people raise their hands. The judge jabs me, urging me (silently) to raise my hand too. I quickly shoot my arm up into the air. I see the similarity of that project to ours; it is more global but still shows the flow of a process of steps. At that moment I realize that I was one of the students who made this sample project that's being shown. I see the wall presentation open up to show an inner panel. It has a portrait picture of a young woman, with her name written below: "Kathy _____" with a copyright of 1991. Now she is before us in person, and the judge is asking her questions.
I see that she's now a Swattie student, and she's changed her name from Kathy to Kathryn. Her last name has also changed; it used to end with a "y" and now ends in an "n". This makes sense to me, like she's rounding off her name because she's changed.

back to school

NEXT, Now I'm suddenly on the campus of Swat (although it looks like SOSC). I see large grassy expanses in front of me, and it's a very sunny day. I think to myself how I'm now really back at school. It's lunchtime, and I have my brown-bagged lunch in hand. I'm walking across the grass, looking for a place to sit. Many other students are sitting out here. I sit down with a group and talk to the girls there. They say they're living in ML (Mary Lyons). I tell them that I am too!


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