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Hopefully my web site will help answer this question.

The basics: I'm now a junior at Swarthmore College, in Pennsylvania, living in a single dorm room of Mertz. I love it here, as heavy as my workload is. I'm constantly surrounded by motivated, fun, interesting people who inspire me to think about new ideas. This page needs to be updated, which I will hopefully get around to doing soon. Meanwhile you can check out what I wrote a year ago...

written in spring 1997:

My declared major is Honors English, although it may change; check out my writings page if you're interested in reading any of the work from my English classes. I had the opportunity to take an incredible class this semester (spring '97) as part of the Peace Studies Mission, which is described on my Cuba page (as we took a trip to Cuba). Next semester I am going to study abroad in Parma, Italy.

I am now on the women's JV lacrosse team -- a fun sport I had never seen before traveling to Swarthmore. I also help lead a dance/ movement workshop on the weekends and enjoy jogging regularly.

I'm interested in radio programming; last semester (fall '96) I interned at Philly's big public radio station, WHYY. It was a great chance to see the innerworkings of how national & local radio shows are planned, researched, recorded, edited, produced and aired. I also have my own radio show at Swarthmore's WSRN station. My friend Tim Bragg and I co-DJ a fun show of good eclectic music. Listen to 91.5 FM if you're in the Swarthmore/Philadelphia area!

My hometown is Ashland, a small (pop. 17,000) yet cultured town in Southern Oregon that is well-known for its Oregon Shakespeare Festival (where I've worked the last few summers). I was born in the house that my dad still lives in. My mom lives across town in a separate home that overlooks the valley. My parents divorced when I was little, but they're on good terms, as friends. My younger sister, Phoebe and I have always gone back and forth between their two houses, spending valuable time with both of them. My family obviously means a lot to me (as well as my friends). To see what else I care about, you can go to my stories page.

There's plenty more I could write here, but this'll have to do for now. The rest of my web page reveals a lot more, I guess. I have plenty of photos to share that span my whole life (including a logo that my dad made). Let's take a look:

my childhood

current pics

me & my friends

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