I had an amazing trip to Cuba in March 1997. All I have time to do right now is show some pics: a page of photos that will offer an overall look at my adventures. My life goals page has a brief listing of what I did in Cuba (at the bottom of the page). I also have a story about Cuba's marketplace in my shopping journal #7.

(written in January '97:)

I've had a strong connection to Cuba ever since I first started learning about it in middle school. Cuba's people, politics, leader (Fidel Castro), history, economy, culture, and relations with the U.S. and former Soviet Union are all extremely interesting to me. I'm always hungry to learn more about any of these elements, and I will certainly get an opportunity this spring. The Peace Studies Mission, a tri-college program with Swarthmore, Haverford and Bryn Mawr is going to Cuba this year. When I found out, it thrilled my socks off, so I applied to be one of the 12 students involved. My passion payed off, for I got accepted! This means that I'll be taking a seminar class with the eleven other students to do intense research on Cuba before we take our 10-day trip there in March. I will be posting more on what we learn throughout the semester (such as my mid-semester reflections), so stay tuned. Cuba is an incredible country, and I'm overjoyed to get the chance to become more involved in what it's all about. For now, here's some stuff to check out:

"An old woman who gave me water and told me about the revolution and why she supported it."

My dad, John, visited Cuba a couple years ago on a bicycle trip. His goal was to see the people and talk to them in person, experiencing the country as it really is. John went with friends Liam and Jenny. He took a number of incredibly striking photos. Take a look:

Full country name: Republic of Cuba
Area: 110,860 sq km
Population: 11 million
Capital city: Havana (pop 2,200,000)
People: 60% Spanish descent, 22% mulatto, 11% African descent, 1% Chinese
Language: Spanish
Religion: 47% Catholic, 4% Protestant, 2% Afro-American Spiritist
Government: Communist republic
Head of State: Fidel Castro

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