Julia means Youthful One

up close

"Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

-The Red Queen, Alice Through the Looking Glass


I was raised on The Benton Family Farm. Read a bit about my life and have a go at me and my passions.
I have a TECHNI itch that I'm here to scratch!
Why I'm here . . .Ideas on Technology and ART! So, related topics would be Community Service!!,me and my body and my journal!!
To read about other parts of me, check out Zed! and music!

You know,
I have so much that I want to do and say with this page and I just don't know how to go about doing it. But the key here would be DOING! This is far from perfect but I just wanted to


So little to do, so much time. Strike that, reverse it.

Please send me anything you want

I am taking a course on web ethics from my friend Justin Hall, and this is a link to his page where you can find all sorts of helpful info on making your own. tutorial
Please, have a look at our syllabus.

Why were web pages turned black?
P.S. Mine are presently black for unrelated reasons.

Practice Random Kindness and Senseless Acts of Beauty