I would be lying if I said that the idea of community service doesn't scare me in some way.
"Because we often identify ourselves, consciously or not, with our shortcomings, we may feel that we don't have enough, that we just aren't enough, to help meet the needs of others. We give very little because we feel very small. It's not that I don't care -- I'm just sure you could find somebody better than me to do it." ~Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

Southwest Community Enrichment Center -- a field trip
Full Circle Theater -- I've just started an internship here
AntiGraffiti -- Jane Golden came to class
UGG (Urban Gardening Group)

"We've got to be somebody, after all. 'Helper . . .yes, I'm a helper.' That's a worthy identity.
Sad, then, that so often it imprisons us, that because of it we find ourselves accomplices to conditions of separateness and division - a world of nurses and patients, social workers and clients, spiritual teachers and seekers, people who know and people who don't. After all, if some of us are busy being helpers there must be others under continuous pressure to be helped." ~Ram Dass & Paul Gorman

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