I have no idea who I am.

pot head

The best way to know me is through my passions.

I was raised on The Benton Family Farm.
I remember sitting on the barn floor while my father was slaughtering some of the sick rabbits. ( you can't afford to let an infection spread to the entire lot.) The rabbits he was slaughtering were white, I remember the pink blood stainned fur. He gave me one of the rabbits to disect. I had my own disection set which I often used on my prebought specimens and the still-born bunnies. This was my first full grown rabbit though.
I remember the bumpy shape of the small intestine, and the smooth liver. My favorite part though was the eye. I remember wanting to see what the eyeball looked like, so I was scrapping away with my scalple but it wouldn't come out. I remember the hollow noise it made though, similiar to nails on chalk.

I called the magnolia tree outside my window Mother.
I spent most of my time out doors, alone or with the twins, Andre or Eric. The twins were Marla and Daryl, my neighbors. Andre was my cousin who visited for periods from Africa. Eric was the boy who lived down the railroad tracks.
We had grape heaven. Where we would swing from the vines and eat wild grapes. We went minning for quartz in the woods. Fishing. Mazes in the swamp. Always covered in mud. Bloody knees.
Later we smoked pine needles on the cliffs over the train tracks. We had stashes of playboy.

I had a chapel in the forest. It was an old bent over tree that had white flower blossoms. A rock was placed perfectly in the center.
When the weather is hot and heavy, and the air is still, your body can feel the electricity building in the air. The rains comes quickly, as the sky turns black but the air continues to glow with the bright light of life. The rain is so hard it messages your entire body, cleans you out. The earth becomes saturated and begins to flow. I am covered in mud again and happy. Each drop that lands on the lilacs sends out puffs of perfume that soak into your skin. Soon the smell has saturated you, and you flow like the earth, with the earth.
My mother turns the cold hose on me. She won't let me back inside otherwise.
In third grade I got put in the back of the classroom with Lizzy.
I had never liked her because she was friends with the silly girls. She is my soulmate.

sleeping with puddy
This is me and my true love, Puddy.

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