This is just some background to why I am on the internet.
I will find a better place to put this eventually, but I just want to start getting things up or else I never will, that's just the way I am.
So, what I want you to know is how important I think all of this stuff is. Stuff being technology, the web in particular. My peculiar area of interest is using technology to bring people closer together and educate. People seem to think that technology inherently seperates people and desensitize us to humanity. I think not. It's just how we think about it and therefore use it. We need to change our philosophy on the human interaction with technology.
I also think that we need to revolutionize how we think about education. More and more kids are losing interest in school, the reasons for which are many. But I think that technology plays a large role in that it is changing our society, and therefore people's expectations. Kids are bombarded by information all the time, they live in a fast paced world and they must learn at a fast pace to keep up. We may not consider video games learning, but they are. Then look at the world of the classroom. Stimulating information yes, to the mind that is already opened and exposed,but it is monochrome and flat to the polycontrast high definition world of technology. Why do we insist that there is only one way to learn. If we could utilize technology to revolutionize the way we think about learning we may find the results spectacular and the process less painful.
Throw art in there somewhere with education and technology and you will find me in there somewhere.

Where did I get all these ideas?

I did an internship with Amy Bruckman at the MIT Media Lab

I was working the Lego Logo Lab, playing on MediaMOO.
More details about my experience to come - it was the greatest.
til then, look her up. For her link, just look down.

If this interests you, PLEASE check this link out. MIT's Epistemolgy and Learning Group. These people actually know what they're talking about. Or may I suggest reading some Seymour Pappert?

I also really dig this link, Howard Rheingold's Brainstorms