Iguana, iguana


green iguana


Zed is a hip slickster dude.
You may ask why I chose the name Zed. (Or you may not, in which case skip this part) Well, it has to do with the reason I love iguanas. Iguanas always seemed to me to be such intelligent, wise creatures. They bask in the sun and contemplate the meaning of life; actually, they just bask, because they already know the meaning of life. To be precise, iguanas remind me of Zen.
But iguanas also have such a cool look to them, they chill. They are the slicksters of the animal kingdom. Like they could wear a black beret.
So, to incorporate these two dimensions of my iguana, I morphed Zen into the slick hipster cool, Zed.

He is a young and impressionable two months old, but is getting more and more sassy by the day. He has an eye for beauty. He spends much of his time contemplating the colorful art work lining the back of tank. He also appreciates dance, and watches most intently my nightly performances (call them stress relievers if you will). His grooves on the balls of yarn on my desk, that provide for maximum meditation comfort.
BUT, his favorite place to hangout is on the keyboard of my laptop. The tender warm keys, the glow of the screen, it's all so inviting to a young iguana. Unfortunately he's often in my way, but he takes comfort on a ball of yarn or the windowsill plant.

I will keep you all updated on the adventures of Zed, but check out these other iguana links.