No matter how you write your autobiography on the web, it comes off as cliched. There is just no way to make it very interesting. Everybody hated their high school. Some people say they owe everything to their parents, the rest say that their parents have irrepairably damaged them. The fact of the matter is that you cannot come across as a unique person without a face to face meeting.

In a pathetic attempt to be interesting, I will start at the present and work my way backward. Right now I am a junior at Swarthmore College. If you have not heard of it, you are not alone. Whoa, talk about cliches. You would be well served to find out a little more, though, since we are the number one ranked liberal arts college right now. Last spring I finally settled on my majors, math and physics. My primary interests in math seem to be algebra and hyperspace. I have not quite figured out my favorite parts of physics, but it would probably be a good idea to figure that out soon (so I can pick a thesis topic).

Right now I live in a single in Mary Lyon, the off campus dorm. The room is nice and I live with some really great people (greetings to Kate Baird, Rebecca Green, and Jessica McFarland).

Last year I lived in Woolman House, which is undoubtly the best place to live at Swarthmore (but only if you are lucky enough to have two X chromosomes). It is especially good in comparison to the miserable hovel that they call Willets, which was my humble abode freshman year.

My employer right now is the math department. I have been making models if various surfaces in three space and then writing web pages about how to make them. Sometimes I also tutor and grade for multivariable. It is the best job I have ever had, with the possible exception of being a bicycle mechanic for a summer.

In the fall of my sophomore year, for reasons unknown, I started playing rugby. If you ever met me, there would be no mistaking me for any thing but a second row forward. I have really come to love the sport, and the other women who are on the team. It has been one of my best college experiences.

It makes me nervous to use the word I so much. From now on, Joan will refer to herself in the third person. That feels much better!

Just like everyone else on the web, Joan hated high school. The only difference is that she was never prom queen. Middle school was pretty bad, too. In fact, Joan would love to be in sixth grade again.

Until the end of middle school, the Joan had always lived in the same house on Lincoln Avenue. Then, the family moved an entire block to a weird looking house on West Pine. The house makes us think of Frank Lloyd Wright because it has overhanging eaves, and thinking of FLW is a good thing.

Joan's sister Anne was born in 1977. Joan was born on 25 December 1975. She is actually the second coming for some, the first coming for others, and absolutely nothing to still others (including herself). Mary and Joseph, er, Fred and Kathy, are the proud parents.

Joan really likes to make lists, so she is going to make some lists now:

Good Music: Mudhoney, Metallica, L7, opera, RHCP, Husker Du, Philip Glass, Melissa Etheridge, the Pogues, ....

Bad Music: [Joan is ruminating and will respond shortly]

Good People that Joan has pictures of: Mommy and Daddy, Anne, Justin, Leslie, Sandy, Jill

People that Joan wants to meet: Henry Rollins and Donita Sparks

Bad People: the guy that sings for Live

People Joan cannot decide about: David Bressoud

Good things to do in the summer: go to places like Zion, Bryce, Arches, Monument Valley.....or, if those places are too hot and dry for you, Glacier National Park. Hike around a lot, take a lot of pictures (or wait while someone else takes a lot of pictures).

Hmmm, what else....Joan loves to play guitar. Cars are a big interest. She also likes to color and play with mathmatical modelling stuff .

This is my cat Sam Adams. He likes to sit on people's laps and drool. He likes every one except my uncle George, because one day George accidently threw Sam off his lap when the unsuspecting cat jumped on the unsuspecting uncle.

Sam is much bigger than this now. He is a very large cat. Joan wouldn't call him fat, exactly, just sturdy. He is much sturdier than our other cat, Merlin. He and Merlin are great friends. They fight, but we know it is just for our benefit. They just sit around when we aren't looking. Actually, they always just sit around.

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