The Daushai Audraiar

Forget the disclaimers. No apologies. Well, just
one, for my inability to spell. Okay, maybe that is
exaggerating a little bit, but not too much.

The standard thing to do seems to be to have a little
autobiography, so you can check out what there is
of that.

Right now, the most complete link would be to the instructions for building models of various mathematical surfaces. I make them for the Math Forum here at Swarthmore, a really cool web site that Prof. Klotz runs. Check out the other stuff at the Forum, too.

This is a picture of myself, Leslie Schramer, and Jill Baur (from left to right), some of my closest friends from high school. Jill has a pumpkin seed on her forehead, which is supposed to tell here who she is going to marry (you know, that thing where you put three different seeds on your head and give each a different name).

Other places to go in the unlikely event that you are tired of this page:

  • a page for my sophomore year quad (with Sandy Lin, Alix Anderson, and Pinar Karaca). It will never come close to THE QUAD, but hell, we give it a try.
  • take a look at some of my art work it that suits you fancy.
  • here is another unofficial hompage for L7. It needs a wee bit of updating, as some of the links may not be current. I'll get around to that soon.
  • a much in progress online version of Spacecase (shhhhh!)
  • The word of Professor John Boccio.
  • Ah-ha, time for the ever-present
    list o people. Check out some of
    these pages:

  • Dylan Humphrey has a link to my page, so I owe him one. He may be an engineer, but he is a great guy anyway.
  • Ronan McCoy is a pretty rocking guy, too.
  • Lynn Chosiad is a good friend of mine here at college. She has some great links including one to Ramblin Rootbeer.
  • Byron Holz used to be in my physics classes, but he was lured away by the engineers.
  • Tom Kornack hasn't abandoned the physics ship yet. Be sure to read the prospectus for World Wide Widgets.
  • Gil Barretto is another physics major who has an extremely impressive looking page.
  • Patricia Schwarz maintains quite a list of resources for women in math and science. The Caltech server is often busy, so don't be too surprised if you don't connect. Try late on a Saturday night.....I should probably mention that I have no idea who this woman is, other than reading her web page.
  • Some sites earning the approval of the Daush:

  • In the dumps? Take a look at the Archie McPhee online catalog. Guaranteed to brighten your day.
  • My chosen departments, math and physics both maintain nice web pages. The physics one has a lot of images from the work we do in our classes and from the research going on at the school. There is also an impressive list of links, from physics to Apple computers to beer.

    More math sites:

  • The e-math homepage.
  • A page for Women in Mathematics.
  • The Mathematical Association of America
  • A gallery of work with MATLAB, almost as much fun as Mathematica.
  • Wolframs Mathematica site. Wolfram, parent company of Mathematica, is located in Champaign, about 90 miles from my home town.
  • I have compiled a list of quotes from Professor John Boccio, a man of great fame in our physics department.
  • the zip code looker upper, truly an amazing phenomenomenomenon.
  • talk to the Daush

    What else to say? Hmmmm.......