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Over the years, I have found that most people do not share my enthusiasm for this band. Well, you all know where you can go......no, I am not going to be mean. I'm just going to try to spread the word about these rocking women and the music they make.

My love of this band started several years ago when I heard parts of Bricks are Heavy on a mix tape that a friend gave me. I soon purchased their other albums (at that time, Smell the Magic and the self titled first release) and discovered that Smell the Magic was the finest of all. Seeing Donita, Jennifer, Suzi, and Dee at Lollapalooza in 1994 was a religious experience for me, in stark contrast to the rest of that show. Argh. But enough of that.....I started learning electric guitar in 1993, with one of my purposes to learn all the L7 that I could. Lucky for me, it is not particular hard. In fact, it is awfully simple. But hey, they say there is beauty in simplicity. (But who is they?)

A great page on JETT with a lot of stuff of interest: a brief bio,
some tour info, reviews of all four albums. There is even tab for
the bass (none for guitar...drats). Check out JETT itself and you
can read about another rocking good band, 7 Year Bitch. It is
starting to seem like I have an odd love of girl bands with 7 in
their title. Hmmm......who knew?

A student maintained page in Canada with a bit about L7 and also some stuff about Fugazi. Did you know that Ian McKaye went to school with Henry Rollins?

Coincidence? I think not.

L7 actually founded Rock for Choice.
Read a quote from Donita herself about why she wanted to do it.

Go Donita!

An Austrailian link! An interview in a back issue of
Underworld ezine with Donita. Check out the
homepage, too.

Not too exciting. Just a list of their
releases. But in Britain, and thusly
adding to the geographic diversity that
is so amazingly inherent in the web.

Here you can see Sub Pops listing of their two L7 releases. Not really exciting. But check out the http://www.germany.net/intershop/infrarot/index.htm
Now this is the home page for some sort of German distributer.
Kind of silly since it costs so much more in DM than dollars. And
it is the same stuff. Except that they have an odd compilation,
supposedly songs about AngerFearSexDeath. Very interesting.
You can just use this link to get directly there, if you don't trust
your German. Hee hee. Aber hier sprechen wir alle Deutsch, nicht?

A facinating study in not understanding the limitations of HTML,
and in wavering sexism. A good laugh in any case.


A homepage for the band, supposedly assembled with the help to the band itself. Hmmmm. I wonder. How much of what you read do you believe? Do you believe more of what you read on paper or on the net? Kind of an interesting question, but I digress....Returning to the original subject, you can just go directly to the http://www.pvv.unit.no/~eddie/L7.html
A nice tribute on some guys page. Maybe he is from Norway?
What is that .no, anyway?

You can order your very own L7 logo pin from these kind souls. They have a load of other stuff, too.

A British view on some bands, including L7 and Hole, if you are into them too.

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