The Woolman Quad

Hee, hee, now we have a page for our room, too. As experienced Swarthmore surfers know, there are a number of pages floating around that are dedicated to the four inhabitants of a given room or suite. Ours will have to distinguish itself by being in Woolman, and by having only three actual inhabitants. Sadly, Pinar has taken her leave of us and is spending the semester in California. Poor Pinar.

We have what we consider a rather kick-ass room in a great dorm. Woolman is off campus, but nothing like ML, so it is just a nice removal. It is very near Dupont, which is good since Alix and I both have all of our classes there this semester. No, we are not taking all science classes, it is just the linguistics uses one of the rooms there for semantics. Anyway, our two rooms are pretty large and we have a bathroom and pseudo-kitchen (no heating element, just a sink and cabinets). Nice high ceilings, wood floors, that kind of stuff.

So, the three of us are still here, chugging away at our various pursuits. Hmmm, I think that I will go ahead and introduce each person, then each of them can offer a rebuttal. That sounds a little bit interesting. Of course, the responses aren't here yet, but some day they will get around to it.

Alix Anderson hails from New York and Canada. She is quite a dancer and has dabbled in rugby. Alix is in a pretty heavy pre-med curriculum right now, so most of the time you find her in Dupont. She also has an odd fixation on crucifixion art right now. This is okay with the rest of us. Everyone is allowed little things like this.

Sandy Lin is our resident art and linguistics dude. She is also quite the dancer and is sometimes in performances.

Alix and Sandy are both members of the Swarthmore Volunteer Fire Department and are soon to be EMTs. It is very comforting to live with people like that.

Joan is the chief dork as she pursues an education in the fine tradition of liberal arts by studying ...... math and physics. What a dork.

Pinar is the smart one of the bunch, as she is out in California these days. Well, actually she is at Harvey Mudd, but hell, it is still sunny. She is here in spirit if not in flesh. We think, anyway.

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