By the Way.....Physics 8 Listens

Hey, there is more to Physics 8 here at Swarthmore than fields and potentials. Okay, more than relativity even. There is the man behind it all, Professor Boccio. The man is just given to being profound. So I have collected some of his comments from the semester long class and listed them here. Don't worry, this is not meant in the same vein as the collection of Andres quotes. Whew.

Boccio's Law: e = h = c = m = 1

When you write four greater thans,
no one can question what you do.

We all know there is no difference between
an infinite square sheet and an infinite circular
sheet and if there was you couldn't check it
because it would take too long to get out there.

Uniqueness can be very powerful.

Intuition, by the way, is terribly dangerous.
The danger of using intuition grows exponentially
as you get away from classical physics.

If someone says to you that there is a one farrad capacitor over
there on the table, don't touch it.

.....don't touch it

Sadly for them it turned out they're [electric fields] not real.

If there is anything that
could be a problem with my
dielectric, it's not in my

The reason it is easy to deal with one
observer is that there is no one to disagree
with you.

The most trivial looking things are the things
to be most scared of.

You can't get weird things
about defined things.

That sounds interesting.

If any of the other physics 8 people out there can remember other quotes, send them to me.

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