People always ask where I am from, and I respond Maine.
"Why don't you have that funny accent," they often ask.
"My parents aren't from Maine," I respond......
not sure whether to be proud or embarassed by this fact.
"But, hey. I am from Maine.... born and raised there. That counts, right?"

The truth is that I grew up in a metropolis of a town
in midcoast Maine with less than 1,000 people.
Washington is about as far from a metropolis as you could get,
but it was home during my formative years.
I lived in an old, renovated New England farmhouse with my parents,
my younger brother Gabe,
and a variety of farm and domesetic animals.
Our 40 acres of woods was my playground;
I know this is how I found peace within nature.
Outdoors is where my mind and body
feel most at peace, most at home, most comfortable.

I attended a regional high school drawing students from five area towns,
Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro, Maine
(yes, the location of the renowned Moody's Diner).
I soared through high school and
was ready for it to be over in my junior year.
Never feeling satisfied during high school,
always feeling frustrated with my fellow students.....
I learned a lot though - not academic growth,
but more social and cultural growth
due to where I spent these formative years.
Besides my brother, Gabe, I was the only Jew in my high school.
I was surrounded by a diverse socioeconomic environment.
Many people possessed values that I have
not yet seen matched here at Swarthmore .
Somehow in the blind college search, I managed to select Swarthmore.

Overall, I have been quite satisfied with my decision.
After getting into Swat early decision,
the remainder of my senior year drifted by slowly.
I was ready to flee from school, the nest, my home............

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