Gabe and I were both born and raised in Maine.
Maybe this is what brought us even closer together than we would have been elsewhere.
Our parents aren't from Maine, but their decision to raise both of us in the rural state couldn't have been a wiser one......

Gabe is incredible.
Recently, he began school at Yale in New Haven, CT.
I know he is basking in enjoyment there.

He should enjoy this time because before you know it, college is half over!

I couldn't be more proud of him.
Last year, everytime I heard from home, he had received another award of some sort.
Recently, he was named Maine's Presidential Scholar and the Wal-mart Scholar.
I love mentioning both of those honors in the same sentence!

There is so much that I can share about Gabe.
He has this incredible sense of humor that cracks me up whenever we are near.
Gabe performs fantastic Barbara Streisand immitations (Funny Girl is his specialty!).
He serenades the household and surrounding woods with his trumpet playing.
This page had to be created in green for Gabe.
When we were both younger, our old farmhouse used to be this putrid green color .
When the folks renovated it, they tore down Gabe's beloved shingles and now the house is grey-shingled.
At least his page can be his favorite hue!

Last summer we were both home together working at the same restaurant.
There were some fun times there!
I am always thrilled to spend more quality time together, and I only wish that he were a better correspondent.

These will eventually be some photos of Gabe.......

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