ANYA the FEMINIST???....

What is FeMiNiSm??

Some people have asked me if I hate men,
or if I am an angry woman's "lib"
who sees men as the ultimate enemy.

I never consciously identified as a feminist before coming to Swarthmore.
Looking back at my roots ,
I realize that I was brought-up in a feminist-minded household.
Under my definition of feminism, my parents were/are both pro-feminist...

FEMINISM => => => the constant stuggle for co-humanity

bell hooks' impression of feminism......

"Feminism is a broad movement embracing
numerous phases of women's emancipation."

Contemporary feminism in the United States has drawn
attention to the exploitation and oppression of women globally.

Can women gaining more personal freedom be viewed
as progress within the feminist movement?

Is personal involvement in feminism political in itself?

I don't pretend to have answers to these questions.
In part, this is what attracts me to feminism.

I want to strengthen public understanding of the
significance of authentic feminist movement.
I want to challenge the existing social norms.
I want to identify as a young, struggling feminist.

Thrown onto this campus brimming with individuals
forming political identities, I found myself drawn towards
the feminist organization on campus, the feminist majority.
This involvement has enabled me join other students in
promoting campus, national, and global feminist concerns.

Feminism is a large part of my identity.......
I am currently investigating and exploring feminist spirituality.....

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