Nice Shoes, Wanna Fuck?: Gender Construction and Performance in Formally-defined Heterosexual Space

Women's Studies 1 Final Project
Erin, Michaela, Amber, Katie, Jenna and Anya


The purpose of this project was to study the ways in which people perform gender in a space which is formally defined as heterosexual. This was studied under six sub-groups: architecture, costume, spatial relations, body language, the female gaze, and the male gaze. This study was conducted by reserach, observation, interaction, and interviews. It was studied on two consecutive Wednesday evenings, April 15 and 22, at a 17-24 year old, non-alcoholic night at Egypt on the Waterfront on Delaware avenue and Springarden street in Philadelphia.


The club is constructed with specific gender performance in mind such to maintain the paradigm of patriarchy. Those who do not follow the "rules" were excluded by means of scorn, ridicule, or a complete lack of acknowledgment. Both men and women chose to uphold these codes. Yet, this active choice allows for avenues of subversion.

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