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October 2, 1998 Weekly thoughts :
I have one week remaining before October break begins.
Translated into Swat terminology, that is two exams and
one short paper before I am cut free for a week.
This week has flown by.
Three old friends got in touch with me all on the same day-
through e-mail nonethless. Ursie returned from her spring break over in Australia.
Now our daily 8k e-mails have returned.
I was envious of her "spring" break
and missing her daily thoughts and reassurance.
I am excited for break as Dave and I are driving home to Maine
to do some hiking and camping in Acadia.
The fall foliage and crisp Maine air awaits!
Here is a link to this crazy new fall foliage page
through the State Dept. of Conservation.
They have a driving tour right by my house.
Anyways, Gabe is coming home for the second weekend,
and I am craving some parental attention.

Ah, it feels wonderful to be adding some new lines to this page....
I just returned from an incredible summer break.
I spent my summer home in Maine where I completed
my internship for Public Policy and also waitressed at
King Eider's Pub in the heart of Damariscotta.
I am a junior here at Swarthmore College.
It feels overstimulating to return to this environment,
but I am quickly readjusting. Everything operates on such a chaotic pace in comparison
to my worry-free summer at home.
This is officially my second revision to this webpage.
Please browse ahead to learn more about me,
my philosophy about life, and other assorted facts....

You may have some interest in learning of my roots.........

Perhaps you care to discover my aspirations and my philosophy.........

Here at Swat, I am involved in a sundry of activites.
Can someone be a staunch feminist, play the clarinet,
have a funk radio show with her friend Isaac, and help run the Women's Resource Center?

Mis amigos = my friends
(some with wacky pages that you should check out).
This includes my awesome ex-roommate, Sam...

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While here at Swat, I have discovered some useful resources on the web. I've found these links to be both entertaining and helpful.

"This world can't be saved, only discovered"
-Dar Williams

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