get involved in the mural project

what can I do?

You can be involved in this project by praying and by offering material or financial support. There will also be several steps in the mural preparation and installation where volunteers are welcome to join in the project. For more information about how you can help, email

Volunteer opportunities:

  1. studio set-up day (March 17th)
  2. panel sizing and preparation (April 14th)
  3. wall cleaning and preparation
  4. mural installation
  5. unveiling, presentation and picnic

how can I pray?

General areas that you can be praying about:

Sign up for regular prayer updates by emailing .

how much will it cost?

The entire project cost about $2500, for material and expenses.

the mural

current mural design


  1. planning
  2. design + research
  3. approval
  4. fundraising + awareness
  5. set-up studio space
  6. get materials + equipment
  7. prepare materials
  8. transfer design
  9. paint
  10. installation
  11. seal
  12. unveiling