mural design

full design

current mural design

what does the mural mean?

The mural features a cityscape of West Philadelphia at dawn, with new life springing up after rain, symbols of God's hope and restoration. Trees come back from the point of death, and houses are restored, families brought back together, a city with hope for a future full of life.

how big will the mural be?

The mural will be 8 feet tall by 24 feet across. It is formatted as a panoramic landscape that spans the wall, rather than completely covering the wall.

stages of the mural design process:

  1. stage 3.2 outlinesdesign prepared for transfer
  2. stage 3.2stage 3.2
  3. stage 3.1stage 3.1
  4. stage 3stage 3
  5. stage 2stage 2, stitched composite
  6. stage 1stage 1, digital sketch
  7. sketchinitial sketch

the mural

current mural design


  1. planning
  2. design + research
  3. approval
  4. fundraising + awareness
  5. set-up studio space
  6. get materials + equipment
  7. prepare materials
  8. transfer design
  9. paint
  10. installation
  11. seal
  12. unveiling
  13. May 2007