full design

a mural of hope for philadelphia

what is this?

A mural of hope is a mural project for the West Philadelphia community. The project is about the church sharing a vision of hope and life with the community through a visual display of transformation effected by God's healing and restoring power. A mural is a public reminder, a visual statement. More...

who is doing this?

A mural of hope is a project of Jeremy Fahringer with the support of Renewal Presbyterian Church. Contact...

when will it be done?

The mural will hopefully be completed by mid-summer 2007. Painting is completed, waiting for final installation approval. More...

final painting composite

Composite image of final painting, waiting for installation.

how can I help?

Partner with us through financial, material and prayer support. You may donate online or by mail. More...

the mural

current mural design


  1. planning
  2. design + research
  3. approval
  4. fundraising + awareness
  5. set-up studio space
  6. get materials + equipment
  7. prepare materials
  8. transfer design
  9. paint
  10. installation
  11. seal
  12. unveiling