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Announcing Trackle 1.0.5

This is primarily a bugfix release, including some critical fixes (eg install was broken in 1.0.3). The new Debian packages are now suitable for use on Debian Etch (install files to python2.4/site-packages).

We also have a new svn and trac hosting URL:

LISA ‘06 Presentation

Matt, Ben and I were warmly welcomed by the folks at the USENIX LISA ‘06 conference this past week in Washington D.C. As promised, here’s a copy of the paper we presented there, and which was published in the proceedings of the conference.

NYLUG Slides

I’ve finally gotten around to posting the slides from my NYLUG (1.74m) talk of a few weeks ago. Enjoy.

Development host difficulties

Gyr, our host machine for the development website and svn repository, has been severly unstable since we upgraded to Trac 0.10 a few weeks ago; we’re currently investigating the problem and should roll out a solution sometime soon. In the meantime, sources and Debian packages for both DTK and Trackle, are available right here in the download area.

Update: We’ve made some upgrades, and the host seems more stable. Please let us know by emailing trackle AT sccs DOT swarthmore DOT edu if you find the host down at any point.

Updated: See Trackle at NYLUG

Can’t make it to LISA this December? If you’ll be in New York November 15th, come visit the authors of Trackle to get a sneak peek at the presentation we’ll be delivering to the conference in December. For more information, see the NYLUG website.

I’m now told the date is November 15th. Time and location still listed at the NYLUG website.

Trackle goes to LISA

We’re happy to announce that the Trackle team has been invited to participate in the 20th Large Installation Systems Administration (LISA) Conference this December 6-8 in Washington D.C, hosted by USENIX.

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