Getting Trackle:


Trackle is available for download in binary packages for Debian Linux:


All versions of Trackle require the DTK curses environment, which is not currently packaged for Debian. It is installable as a standard Python module using the usual distutils'

Additionally, Trackle requires Python (>= 2.3), Clearsilver (>= 0.9.3) and its Python bindings, and PostgreSQL and its Python bindings (either pyscopg2 or pyPgSQL). These dependencies are tracked in the Debian package.

Source Code

Trackle is written in a mix of pure Python and pure C...which, technically speaking, makes it neither pure Python nor pure it goes. Source code is available for all versions of Trackle, and those interested can gain access to our subversion repository to work on or with the latest development versions (see below).

SVN Access

The subversion repository is readable by everyone:

svn checkout


svn checkout trackle

to get the latest stable version or the latest development sources, respectively. You may also want to check out our Trac-for-Trackle.

Code contributions, comments, bug reports and enhancement requests are always welcome. Plesae file them directly at the Trac-for-Trackle or email us at trackle AT sccs DOT swarthmore DOT edu.