Happy Birthday, Madhu!

December 5, 1998

Madhu is a blessing in my life. He and his wife, Mani, have given me the valuable gift of their friendship for many years. Their guidance has opened important doors of discovery for me. I treasure Madhu's wisdom, and his witty words have given me plenty of laughs. Madhu is truly an inspiration.

Madhu is in my dreams:

a Buddhist DEDICATION that Madhu passed along to me:

Throughout my many lives and until this moment, whatever virtue I have accomplished, include the merit generated by this practice, and all that I will ever attain, this I offer for the welfare of sentient beings.

May sickness, war, famine and suffering be decreased for every being, while their wisdom and compassion increase in this and every future life.

May I clearly perceive all experiences to be as insubstantial as the dream fabric of the night and instantly awaken to perceive the pure wisdom display in the arising of every phenomenon.

May I quickly attain enlightenment in order to work ceaselessly for the liberation of all sentient beings.

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