Sometimes in April (1996) the weather on campus was beautiful -- sunny and warm. I had a class, Patterns of Asian Religions, that usually met in a classroom of the new Kholberg building in late mornings. One day in late April, my professor said we should take advantage of the spring weather and sit outside. So all 20-something of us went and sat on the green grass under the shade of a fragrant purple lilac bush near Pearson. Our discussion of Zen Buddhism and meditation had a special meaning that day thanks to the sensory pleasures of the Arboretum's plants and flowers.

The Arboretum's Lilac Collection is the finest in the area, with more than 90 kinds, including early hybrids, French hybrids, and other crosses. The planting of the lilac walk in 1931, which included two plants of 'Mme. F. Morel', Mr. Scott's favorite lilac, marked the formal dedication of the Scott Arboretum.

[as given by Scott Arboretum]

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