Dreams: July 4

I'm watching a highway from way up above, like god. I see Phoebe walking along. Then she's in a car with Jesse P. She's getting a ride to college, the school she decided to go to. But for some reason the car is going really slow. I'm now on the highway/freeway. There's a very fat woman walking along the side, and she's wearing a bright yellow dress. She asks Jesse to keep the car's speed down (something about 5 mph) because she needs to walk that slow. It's snowy outside. I'm kind of frusterated for Phoebe's sake that they have to drive so slowly.
But they finally get to their college, and I'm with them. I see a big black and white sign on the wall that says Gowan C? College. I'm looking around, and the quality of the school just looks awful (esp. since I'm comparing it to Swarthmore in my mind). Almost everything is in black & white. Jesse and Rachel Romberg are going to be students here, Phoebe tells me. It's a small school. We're in a big main room that looks like high school. I'm disappointed for Phoebe. It's a community college. Phoebe tells me it's only $5000.
Now I'm in the same room but with Melina. One of the walls has a big curtain across it. I peek behind it and I can see down into a big auditorium one level below the room I'm in. There are quite a few people down there sitting in rows of chairs, getting situated. I see a few folks wearing red vests, white shirts and ties. I think to myself that they must be Shakespeare Festival ushers! I get a big kick out of this, hopping around laughing and telling Melina. Then I realize that they're just students of G.C. College, which has a similar uniform. It's a band concert or something.
Melina sticks her head around the curtain and sees Jenn G., whom she beckons out. Jenn comes out from behind the curtain to see us. Apparently Melina has visited Jenn here before. Jenn's wearing a long silky robe (like a choir or graduation robe) for whatever concert/class she was just in. It's silver with a purple waist. The three of us walk to another room that's empty. Melina is talking with Jenn, and I'm basically just watching & listening. Jenn really bugs me. She says that everyone these days has a nice body, and that they're even nice "in the dark". Jenn lifts up her robe to show us her legs. "Round," says Melina (or maybe it's "brown"?). Jenn lifts up the robe to above her waist. She isn't wearing anything, and she has little, skinny, muscular legs & butt. She runs around in a weird tip-toe dance. I'm disgusted. She's still talking to Melina but is leaving the room. Jenn climbs the ladder of a slide that's set up in the middle of the room. She flashes everything below the waist as she gets to the top of the slide and starts to go down it. It's all familiar, as if she's done this before. She's still chattering away.

NEXT, I'm back at Swat, looking around, thinking how happy I am to be back at such a quality school. It's an indoor arboretum, and the whole campus is under a big auditorium. There's a big "outdoor" section with grass and flowers, and I think to myself that only a quality college would have that. I wander into the Kohlberg building, and someone asks me if there's any closet spaces in the classrooms. I say that I really know this building well after spending so much time in it last semester. I'm in a classroom and I look for a closet since nobody else can find one. After walking around the room, I find a shallow closet. Someone tells me that it's for a group picture. A group of students arrange themselves in it for the picture. It's some club or organization that I'm not a part of. But at the top of the closet some people who aren't in the club are lined up (with their heads above the door opening, so all you can see is their tee-shirts). I'm supposed to be there. We are the Natural Helpers of the group, there to help if anyone has a problem. I stand at the top. I feel very helping, like I want to help anyone who might have any sort of problem. Two guys have to go see a doctor or something, and I feel all sympathetic, pointing out the direction of how they should get there.
Django is part of the club, but he's not there for the picture. There's a space reserved for him though. People are looking through some photos he took. They hand the stack of pictures to me to look at. The photos are of Italy since Django recently took a trip there by himself. Because he went there alone, he's not in any of the pictures, I notice. They're mainly just sweeping shots of foreign cities. One pic shows strangers sitting at the patio of a restaurant. They have criss-cross shadows on them b/c there's a fence surrounding the cafe. "Expensive," someone says, referring to the restaurant.
Then the pics appear old. I'm looking at one that has me in it when I was much younger. I look closer and see that Koeby & Colae and their mom are also in it, as well as Miles. I say "there you are" to Miles b/c he's now looking at the photos with me. In the picture, I'm sitting on a bench. Now it zooms in, and I can see that I'm young with long, dark hair. I'm holding a baby tiger. There's also a lion on my pillow. In the photo (which becomes a little movie), I'm trying to keep the two animals separated, but when I lay down, their faces are thrust together, and they start to growl. They begin to fight, which worries me. I call out for help. The lion and tiger aren't getting along, and I'm in between them. (The photo became reality, and I became the young Maya, acting it all out.)


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