Dreams: July 5


I'm ushering for the Shakespeare Festival, and I'm in the Black Swan Theater (although it looks a lot different). I see my young cousin Madison with a young blond girl who's wearing a dark pink turtleneck. It's the end of intermission, and I know that everyone should now be in their seats since the show is about to resume. I run over to Madison and her friend (named Lisa) and tell them to take their seats. But they walk too slow and don't make it to their seats in time. I tell them they can't watch the play unless they are willing to take house seats. They say yes, they'll watch from there. I somehow attribute their late behavior with alcoholism -- not necessarily their disease, but it's in the family, I think to myself.

a special deal at the boardwalk

NEXT, I'm at a place near the beach that looks like the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. It has the wooden-plank walkway with a bunch of shops. I go into a food place and order some french fries (or popcorn?). It turns out they're giving the food away for free, some special deal. So I order 2 more b/c Mom just walked up and wants some too.


NEXT, I'm with Ko. We have a special energy between us. I feel like the past has been building up to this moment. We're in a living room. Ko's not wearing a shirt, and his body is warm. We lay on a couch together, snuggling. It feels really natural, and we click.
Now Ko is holding a box of some sort. He accidentally spills it, and tons of different-colored beads spill all over the carpet. I crouch down to help him pick them up. There are hundreds of different sizes and bright colors.

Jordan & seeing beyond surfaces

NEXT, I'm getting together with some friends to play some game (hockey or rollerblading or something). Jordan is going to be there. Then I see him across a parking lot. Somehow I know he's interested in me b/c of something that happened (in my dream) that changed my image a little. A reputation/respect thing. I know he and I are going to hook up. We are now in a room with a bunch of people. Someone has a pack of playing cards. Each has a different "Magic Eye" 3D image on the back. I look at one and try to see the image, but it isn't coming out at me. I look harder and finally see it: it's an old-fashioned portrait of a woman (Victorian Era), but it's also riske, like she's wearing little clothing or something.


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