Dreams: July 6

I'm walking with a crowd of people at night, and I look to my left to see Mr. Gabriel walking next to me. "Hey Gabe!" I say, but he doesn't have much of a reaction. He acts kind of negatively toward me. I get to my dorm room and sit at my desk. There's a cup of spilled pencils on the floor that I pick up. Lots and lots of short stubby pencils that have fallen all over the floor near my desk. As I pick them up I have butterflies in my stomach thinking about my classes this semester. I haven't started them yet, but I feel a little nervous about how I'll do.

NEXT, Phoebe is in an easy-chair drinking a big milkshake with espresso and ground oreo cookies. I ask for a sip and she reluctantly gives me the glass. I notice she has another milkshake next to her. We're watching some award show on TV, and Rosie O'Donnell wins a big one.


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