Dreams: July 3

I'm on the phone with a potential boss from the Bear Creek Corp., talking to her about a job I might get. I have a job at the Post Office too, I realize. Mom is in the room with me and starts talking. I wave my hand at her to be quiet, for when Mom talks I have trouble hearing and focusing on what the woman on the phone is saying. But Mom won't stop. She's being very loud and obnoxious. I'm getting very frusterated and angry at Mom. I finally hang up (after securing an interview or something). I tell Mom that I really needed her to not bother me while I was on the phone. She just scoffs and is adamantly resistant. I am very mad. I slap her across the face. She just sits there, so I slap her again.

NEXT, I'm in my dorm room with Carrie. We have bunk beds. Then I look around and it isn't a dorm room anymore. It's really big with a high ceiling and more than 4 walls (all a rich blue color). There are different sections of the room against the walls marked "AA", "BB", "CC",... "FF". People are singing in each section. The tone and pitch of their voices determines which section they sing under. A big fat guy comes around conducting a survey, carrying a clipboard. He asks me what my boyfriend's name is and what singing section he'd go under. I think about it for a moment and decide to give him a name even though I don't really have a boyfriend. "Adam," I say. I tell him that "AA" would be his section (thinking it's in the middle for some reason). The guy writes this down on the paper on his clipboard and moves on. I hear him mutter that he goofed up because he was supposed to ask about our mothers and fathers, not our boyfriends.


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