Dreams: July 1

I'm at Key of C (but it looks much different), and the person who works there seems pretty disorganized, running around, trying to keep order. There are 2 tables that have samples on them. One has huge slices of strawberry shortcake.
I grab one and start eating it. It tastes really good. There are fresh red strawberries, rich spongecake and a custardy whipped cream.

NEXT, I'm a cook for Chateaulin Restaurant. I'm running late to work, and when I get there I see that a woman has been covering for me. She takes off once I get there. I'm in a big kitchen, and there are other people rushing all around me. I don't really know what I'm supposed to do. I look at an order tab; it's some bean dish for $8.95. I use my imagination and start to throw together some black beans with ginger & sprouts. But then I think to myself that I wouldn't pay that much money for the dish. I'm also a waitress, so I have to run around and get orders.


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