Dreams: June 30

I'm in a big gym for some school event or class. We are randomly matched with a partner, and each pair is given an academic assignment. My partner is Maiah J. from Swat, which is reassuring because I know she always makes sure her schoolwork gets done. We have to write a verse poem (Shakespeare style but with more rhymes). It then must be approved by the party-funding committee between Monday and Wednesday.
Now I'm at B.S.'s house with a small group of other people. We're in a dining room, sitting around a long table, and the lights are warm & dim. We are eating a delicious dish B.'s wife made. It has beans in it and is very flavorful. During this dinner, B.'s wife gets angry for some reason. She stands up and screams at B.
We go to a wooded area. It's a swampy forest with lots of trees. Here I see a number of students doing their assignments, making up verses. Luckily, my partner (changed from Maiah to some young guy) is making up the verse. It's pouring out of his mouth quickly and smoothly with intricate rhymes.

NEXT, I'm above a soccer field watching an exciting game. It looks like the field is outside, but 4 tall walls enclose it on all sides. I'm up on a second level looking down. I'm amazed because this one player (looks like Quinn Haldane) is running all over the field with a ton of energy. He's jumping high up onto the walls to get extra momentum, and I'm impressed by his leg-power.
Now I'm on the field, but it's a new game. It's football, but there are only 6 players total. One team is 2 guys (college-age), and the other team is 4 young women (high-school age), all blond. Nobody is wearing the typical padded uniform, but they're all playing ferociously. The field is now surrounded by silver walls, and the goal posts are also silver. The quarterback for the women's team looks too prim & proper to be a football player. She has neatly combed hair (shiny, smooth, shoulder-length and very in-place). She's wearing a pink sleeveless tee-shirt and pink shorts. I'm on her team for a moment.
Now I'm just watching the game. There is a sign on one wall that occasionally displays random announcements about the game. At one point, the blond quarterback is holding the ball, trying to figure out where to pass it; I look at the sign, which says "Quarterback smells badly at this time" (or something like that).
Now I can't tell if I'm watching this game from afar or on a computer/TV screen, or if the game is miniature (like Barbie and Ken dolls) and I'm a giant. The field is in a deep-dish silver pan, which matches a car I own (?) that's parked nearby. The car is a sporty, sleek, hi-tech "Mercury" that is the color of real mercury. I wonder if I can control the game with my car since it seems to be a computer base.
I look down at the field and see that the guys have taken off their shirts. They have tan muscular backs. Suddenly the players and the whole game is a total turn-on for me. It's something about watching power & domination manifest in the form of moving bodies (esp. during tackles). I'm on a sideline, and there's a silver horizontal bar in front of me at waist level. I straddle the bar, sliding along it. It sends shudders of pleasure through my body, and I feel like I'm about to climax. All I have to do is watch the game a few more seconds. But somehow I'm interrupted. Now I just want to scoop up all 6 little players in my hands and carry them away. It all looks so miniature now.
Django shows up. I tell him he should watch the game because it is so interesting. Then I fix myself a yummy sweet treat. I'm squeezing rich fudgy chocolate from a little plastic bag onto a graham cracker.

NEXT I'm looking through a stack of cassette tapes near someone's stereo system. Most of them are blank tapes, and only some are labelled (but even those labels are fading). These plastic tapes are all different colors. As I look at the labels, I see that some are tapes of me talking when I was little, first getting the hang of the English language. Some of my quotes are written on the tape labels, but I can't read them very well. I'm picking out the tapes I want to hear. I notice that some of my quotes are about Phoebe. There are tapes of her talking, as well as some childhood friends. Then I see a couple of old tapes that Noli made. Those labels have her handwriting. There's a funny mix of little kids' songs that have familiar-sounding titles. I realize I haven't heard them in a really long time. There are colorful duckie stickers on them. I know Noli would like to see these tapes, so I set them aside.


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