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in partnership with david luong and mark piper
spring 2005 - erik cheever

Lab 1: non-linear devices - the diode
In this lab the diode, a simple non-linear device in a circuit was explored by exploring the difficulties inherent in characterizing and working with it. Three models for the circuit element were explored: real, ideal, and model diode. here's some white text that doesn't do anything it's just for design purposes.

ENGR 077. VLSI Design
This course is an introduction to the design, analysis, and modeling of integrated circuits, both analog and digital. The course focuses on CMOS technology and introduces sophisticated models of MOS transistors and discusses how they can be used to develop analog and digital circuitry. There is a heavy emphasis on computer modeling of devices and circuits and labs.

Lab 2: Spicey
This lab involves using SPICE and MatLab® to analyze various circuits. Basically, it shows how much easier it is to use SPiCE to perform circuit analysis than modified nodal analysis using MatLab® even though both give yield the same results.
Lab 3: Laying out simple circuits
For this lab, we used L-edit®, a simple program that helps us lay out silicon and metal layers, to draw basic transistors. We first laid out an NMOS transistor and then a PMOS transistor. Then combining these (CMOS) we constructed an inverter gate, a nand gate and a nor gate. We then extracted out layout and simulated our gates in SPICE®. Finally, we created a 4-input nand gate in two ways; first using CMOS to build one from ground up, and second by combining the NAND, NOR and the inverter gates.
Lab 4: MOSFETs in the lab
In this lab, we examined the operation of typical CMOS circuits and attemted to find the intrinsic characteristics of the transistors (VT,n and kn, and VT,p and kp) . We compared our values to those specified in the manufacturer's data sheet. Using the determined values, we modeled the basic logic gates using SPICE and MATLAB.
Lab 5: the 8 input AND gate
In this lab, we investigated three implementations of an 8-input AND gate and analyzed any differences in the speeds of these three implementations. We used L-Edit to lay out all three configurations and extracted the files for use with SPICE. All time analyses were done with SPICE.
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